Top 5 Strategist Stories of the Week (April 11-15)

He wrote that it would be wise to watch oil markets since one’s oil outlook would be equivalent to an outlook on the other aforementioned asset classes. For us, this is one of the reasons for a slightly cautious stance on risk assets as we feel the recent move higher in oil prices is not justified based on current fundamentals. Read more >>

4. Picking the Right Club for the Next Shot in ETFs

Recently I heard an interview with retired professional golfer Jack Nicklaus. He talked about how technological advances in golf equipment has made a positive difference for today’s players.

After purchasing a new driver, my slice off the tee remained. Clearly, better equipment and tools in the hands of golf experts has the potential to add distance and accuracy. This same equipment in the hands of an occasional golfer makes less difference.

Advances in investment tools in the form of ETFs is a “game changer,” with the potential to add distance and accuracy to investment returns. Read more >>

5. Do Emerging Markets Equities Still Make Sense in a Diversified Portfolio?

Much attention has recently been given to the relative underperformance of Emerging Markets (EM) stocks.

Indeed, EM equities have lagged the S&P 500 Index (domestic) in six of the past eight years by a fairly wide margin. Many investors now question if a strategic EM equity allocation still makes sense in a diversified portfolio as a result. Read more >>

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