Top 5 Strategist Stories of the Week (April 11-15)

Each week ETF Trends publishes news, commentary and strategist stories surrounding the world of ETFs.

Here’s a look at the Top 5 Strategist Stories of the Week for April 11-15, 2016:

1. The Practice Management Game of Behavioral Finance

Market volatility not only creates an environment rife with behavioral errors, it can also rob even the best financial advisors of productivity and limit their business potential.

After decades of working with financial advisors, I have found that during times of downside volatility, advisors typically report lower year over year production as new business slows to a crawl. The start of 2016 is no different. Read more >>

2. For ETF Strategists, Being Tactical is Not Like Being Pregnant

There is an old binary adage which states “you can’t be just a little bit pregnant.”  With pregnancy you either are or you are not. Such is the case with many ETF strategists and the way in which they are categorized, followed, or hired.

Many platforms and reporting agencies categorize ETF strategists as either “strategic” or “tactical.” In fact, for some in our space, the choice is one that is so important it has become like politics or religion. Read more >>

3. Has Crude Oil Truly Bottomed or Just in the Midst of a Dead Cat Bounce?

In Pinnacle Advisory Group’s previous ETF Strategist article, Rick Vollaro highlighted the synchronous moves between the oil markets and other risk assets including the S&P 500 (SPY) and High Yield (JNK).