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The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR), one of this year’s most controversial and volatile single-country emerging markets exchange traded funds, got some relief last Friday when Fitch Ratings did not downgrade the country’s sovereign credit rating. The news comes after Moody’s Investors Service’s decided to delay its decision on Turkey’s credit rating. Moody’s announced […]

After Moody’s Investors Service’s decided to delay its decision on Turkey’s credit rating, investors jumped back into the emerging market in search of higher yields, pushing the country-specific exchange traded fund above its long-term trend line. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) rose 3.0% Monday, testing its resistance at the 50- and 200-day simple […]

The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR), the lone exchange traded fund dedicated to Turkish stocks, saw its share of controversy and downside following a failed coup against President Recept Tayyip Erodgan (pictured above) last month, but TUR has been attempting to rally. Looking to allay foreign investors’ concerns, Turkey’s central bank lowered interest rates […]

The Turkey exchange traded fund plunged Monday, with Turkish markets experiencing its worst plunge in three years, after the failed coup late Friday. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) declined 6.1% Monday, dipping below both its 50- and 200-day simple moving averages. Meanwhile the 7.1% plunge in Turkey’s benchmark Borsa Istanbul 100 Index was […]

Turkey’s country-specific exchange traded fund (ETF) and the Turkish lira strengthened Tuesday after newly elected Prime Minister kept crowd favorite Mehmet Simsek in the administration’s new cabinet. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) surged 5.8% Tuesday. TUR, though, has plunged 15.0% over the past month in response to the uncertain political climate. Related: Lone […]

The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) is up nearly 7% this year, which sounds pretty good, but that statistic does not reveal the entire TUR story.TUR is off almost 15% over the past month and is being wracked with volatility amid political tumult in Turkey. Underscoring TUR’s volatile history, the ETF’s one-month tumble comes […]

Got a case of TMI (Too Much Information)? ETF Trends takes a condensed look at latest happenings… The Day’s Hot News In Equity ETFs Markets saw what appeared to be a rotation in U.S. equities and fixed income names. Both SPDR S&P Dividend (NYSEArca: SDY) and iShares Russell 2000 ETF (NYSEArca: IWM) had large sells. This may […]

After testing its long-term support level on a precipitous sell-off in response to a political power struggle this week, the Turkey exchange traded fund (ETF) rebounded Thursday. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) rose 1.8% Thursday after plunging 12.9% over the past three sessions, which briefly sent TUR below its long-term, 200-day simple moving […]

The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) is up 16.2% year-to-date, a performance that is better than quadruple the returns offered by the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, but that does not mean the lone Turkey exchange traded fund is out of upside. Some market observers see more gains on the way for Turkish stocks and […]

Shares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) is up 18.7% year-to-date TUR is up more than 18% over just the past month as Turkish stocks have entered a bull market Turkey is experiencing rising inflation, slowing growth, increased fiscal expenditures, high unemployment and a dip in export competitiveness Once downtrodden and maligned, the iShares MSCI Turkey ETF […]

Turkish equities and country-specific exchange traded fund rebounded Tuesday as bargain hunters jumped on an oversold market. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) rose 3.1% Tuesday. TUR has declined 17.2% over the past month and fell 34.1% year-to-date. The Borsa Instabul 100 index advanced 4.1% Tuesday, with the banking sector leading, after a 7.1% […]

Turkish stocks and country-specific exchange traded fund plunged Tuesday on escalating tensions between Turkey and Russia after the downing of a Russian jet added to a long list of concerns. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) dropped 4.5% Tuesday, falling below its short-term 50-day simple moving average and reversing the gains from the recent […]

Turkish equities and country-specific exchange traded fund are among the worst performers among developing economies, and the market continued to sink lower Tuesday after the central bank failed to instill confidence in investors. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) slipped 2.2% Tuesday to a new 52-week low and has declined 25.2% year-to-date. The Turkish […]

Emerging market exchange traded fund investors should closely monitor their Colombia and Mexico exposure as the two economies join the infamous list of “fragile five” emerging countries. According to JPMorgan Asset management, Colombia and Mexico are now members of the so-called fragile five group of emerging markets, edging out Brazil and India, reports Steven Johnson […]

The Turkey exchange traded fund has fallen off over the past week after a string of attacks in the region and an uncertain political environment weighed on investors. However, some believe the recent sell-off has left a more appealing entry point. Over the past week, the iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) has plunged 7.9%. […]

A strong U.S. dollar has weighed on the outlook of the emerging markets. However, investors may still find opportunities in some areas and country-related exchange traded funds. A sustained U.S. dollar rally will pressure developing markets. “Unfortunately, we do not believe the dollar rally is over which means the headwind is still there. But we […]

Turkey’s weekend election results added to further political uncertainty as the ruling AK Party failed to garner a parliament majority, sending Turkish equities and country-specific exchange traded fund in free fall. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) plunged 6.8% Monday. TUR has declined 14.5% year-to-date. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan hoped for a crushing victory […]

The U.S. dollar has been quickly appreciating and further strength in the greenback could put further pressure on some emerging markets and country-specific exchange traded funds. For instance, Oxford Economics warned that Malaysia, Chile and Turkey were among the emerging markets most at risk of a stronger USD, reports Ansuya Harjani for CNBC. “A simple […]

Exchange traded funds that track Brazil, South Africa and Turkey could produce another round of headaches as the lingering trade deficits weigh on their economies and currencies. Brazil, South Africa and Turkey are among the remaining so-called fragile economies if the Federal Reserve decides to tighten its monetary policy, as former members India and Indonesia […]

After India and Indonesia enacted reforms to bolster their economies, emerging market exchange traded fund investors will only have to monitor the remaining fragile three if the Federal Reserve decides to tighten its monetary policy. Morgan Stanley first identified the Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and South Africa as the five most vulnerable to changes in […]

As the European Central Bank turns on its printing press, emerging market assets and related exchange traded funds could sop up all the excess liquidity. Emerging market ETFs, like the Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (NYSEArca: VWO) and iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (NYSEArca: EEM), could capitalize on another round of easy money. Year-to-date, VWO […]

I do the “ETF of the Week” for MarketWatch every Thursday on Chuck Jaffe’s MoneyLife Show where I highlight big movers and disappointments among exchange traded funds. On Thursday, I focused on the iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR). The low oil prices will help Turkey cut down on its current account deficits. Click here […]

Exchange traded funds that track fragile-five countries Brazil, Indonesia, India, South Africa and Turkey have been susceptible to rising trade deficits and weakening currencies. However, the cheaper oil prices could help turn things around. According to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the low energy prices will help fragile-five economies narrow trade deficits and reduce […]

The weakness in the commodities market could help alleviate inflationary pressure in developing economies and bolster some emerging market stocks and exchange traded funds. According to Credit Suisse, cheaper commodities prices could diminish aggregate emerging market inflation, excluding China and India, by one to 6.6 percentage points by the end of 2015, reports Simon Kennedy […]

When it comes to emerging market exchange traded funds, investors were better off being picky, instead of taking on broad exposure to the developing economies. Investors are picking and choosing their country exposure one at a time, with South-East Asian countries outperforming the broader emerging markets, especially Thailand and the Philippines, writes Alen Mattich for […]

To put it delicately, 2014 has been an action-packed year for the year iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR). Amid violent political protests that send the lira tumbling to start the year, TUR stumbled by nearly 13% through the first six weeks of the year, becoming the poster child for the sell-off in emerging markets […]

With China’s spending on the decline and the U.S. Federal Reserve aiming toward tighter monetary policies, emerging market exchange traded funds that track the so-called fragile five – Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey – could mirror the weakness experienced earlier this year. “Growth in emerging markets has been driven by Chinese demand and […]

Although Turkey holds an investment-grade credit rating, the country’s historically fractious relationship with ratings agencies could be further strained in the event of a sovereign downgrade that returns the country to junk status. Such a move also has the potential to weigh on several exchange traded funds that feature large allocations to Turkish sovereign debt. […]

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s win in Turkey’s first direct presidential election could provide the political pressure for interest rate cuts, potentially promoting growth and lifting the stock market and related country-specific exchange traded fund. Erdogan has been calling for interest rate cuts to stimulate economic growth after the economy is expected to slowed to […]

Riding the wave of improved sentiment toward emerging markets and relief over the outcome of municipal elections, the Turkey exchange traded fund is testing its long-term trend line. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (NYSEArca: TUR) has jumped 23.0% over the past month. The ETF now trades about 1.4% above its 200-day exponential moving average. “The […]