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The equities market and stock exchange traded funds jumped after the Federal Reserve announced it will be standing pat on record low U.S. interest rates for now in light of the weak economy, stubbornly low inflation and unstable global markets. Fed officials voted nine to one in favor of keeping current interest rates, stating Thursday […]

The markets shook after China let its renminbi currency depreciate, and some Asian emerging markets, along with country-specific exchange traded funds, will continue to feel the consequences of the weaker yuan. A depreciating yuan makes Chinese exports more competitive in international markets. However, the beggar-thy-neighbor policy will negatively affect the country’s major trading partners. Daniel […]

Rare are the times that the iShares MSCI Malaysia ETF (NYSEArca: EWM) requires highlighting multiple times in less than a week, but these are not average times for emerging markets exchange traded funds. EWM, the lone ETF dedicated to Malaysian equities, flirted with losses of four percent on Tuesday on its way to closing at […]

The struggles of emerging markets equities and exchange traded funds are not confined to a particular region. No longer do Latin America ETFs have a monopoly on laggard status. Asia’s status as a beacon of emerging markets strength has been dealt a serious blow this year and that sentiment extends well beyond China. That includes […]

Various economies and country-related exchange traded funds could react differently as we see a rebound in crude oil prices. Major oil producers will enjoy a reprieve in their energy-induced sell-off, but large consumers may find their wallets a little lighter after paying for higher energy costs. “If sustained, higher oil prices would reduce the gains […]

The U.S. dollar has been quickly appreciating and further strength in the greenback could put further pressure on some emerging markets and country-specific exchange traded funds. For instance, Oxford Economics warned that Malaysia, Chile and Turkey were among the emerging markets most at risk of a stronger USD, reports Ansuya Harjani for CNBC. “A simple […]

What little momentum the iShares MSCI Malaysia ETF (NYSEArca: EWM) has recently had, and it has been a scant amount to be sure, is seen waning as frothy valuations and other issues take their toll on the country’s stocks. Malaysia’s benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index is up just 0.7% year-to-date and is heading for […]

As a result of the ongoing economic reforms, Malaysia’s government expects the country will become a high-income economy by 2020, strengthening its markets and related exchange traded funds. The iShares MSCI Malaysia ETF (NYSEArca: EWM) has gained 6.1% over the past three months and is up 0.5% year-to-date. In the annual report on the so-called […]

Despite some growing pains during a shift in economic policies, China-related exchange traded funds could bounce on hopes that Beijing will implement monetary easing. The iShares China Large-Cap ETF (NYSEArca: FXI) has declined 9.2% year-to-date while the db X-trackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares Fund (NYSEArca: ASHR), an ETF that directly accesses the A-shares traded […]

Tennessee, the Volunteer State,  is the top holder or second-largest investor in 12 emerging market exchange traded funds, highlighting the growing usage of ETFs as an investment tool to gain targeted exposure to market areas. The Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System is now one of the biggest investors of country-specific emerging market ETFs, reports Margaret Newkirk […]

The Malaysia exchange traded fund has been strengthening on improving exports, but investors should brace for slower growth ahead. Malaysia’s economy expanded a better-than-expected 5% in the third quarter year-over-year after rising a revised 4.4% in the second quarter, Bloomberg reports. Notably, exports increased in the three months through September after falling off in the […]

The iShares MSCI Malaysia (NYSEArca: EWM) rallied nearly 6% in early U.S. trading Monday after the ruling party Barisan National and Prime Minister Najib Razak remained in power. Malaysian stocks jumped to all-time highs in the wake of the elections. “There’s more political certainty now. The market has been very cautious in the first quarter […]

The iShares MSCI Malaysia (NYSEArca: EWM) fell over 3% Tuesday as investors grow more anxious over an upcoming general election and the potential impact on the economy. Prime Minister Najib Razak over the weekend said he would soon announce a date for the election. “The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, already grappling with a slowing economy, […]

Investors who look overseas for growth investments might want to take a look at Malaysia, Phillipines and Thailand exchange traded funds that have posted positive returns over the past consecutive 10 years. “It should be noted that in Southeast Asia, economic activity is somewhat concentrated in four countries namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. It […]

The Vietnam focused exchange traded fund Market Vectors Vietnam (NYSEArca: VNM) managed to beak above its 200 day-moving-average. Can the country’s fundamentals maintain this level? “There has been so much negativity with regard to emerging Asian equities over the last 12-18 months. Some of it has been attributable to concerns of a ‘hard economic landing’ in China, […]

With global growth, copious liquidity and low interest rates spurring riskier investment strategies, emerging market equities and exchange traded funds have been among the most attractive assets this year. “The main argument for investing in international equities is for diversification through exposure to different countries and economies, slightly different sector weightings, and foreign currencies,” according […]

In recent recaps we have spoken of consistent upside call buying in Asia related equity ETFs including iShares FTSE China 25 (NYSEArca: FXI), iShares MSCI Hong Kong (NYSEArca: EWH), iShares MSCI Japan (NYSEArca: EWJ), iShares MSCI  Malaysia (NYSEArca: EWM) and iShares MSCI Taiwan (NYSEArca: EWT). [ETF Options Trading] Due to the similarity of the trading, […]

Many exchange traded funds that track individual countries have been beaten to a pulp in 2011. Some bargain hunters see cheap valuations in these hard-hit ETFs despite global debt and economic tensions. Last week, we took a look at some of the most oversold ETFs measured by distance from the 50-day moving averages. [The Contrarian: […]

Exchange traded funds tracking Malaysia and Singapore rose on Monday following news they have reached a deal to open a transit rail service by 2018 to connect the city-state with a city in southern Malaysia. The iShares MSCI Malaysia (NYSEArca: EWM) and iShares MSCI Singapore (NYSEArca:EWS) were both fractionally higher Monday. Focusing on Malaysia, the […]

Malaysia is getting in on the rare earth’s metal mania and gambling to take China’s stronghold out of the market on this one. There are now exchange traded funds (ETFs) available for investors in this “rare” sector. As many as 2,500 construction workers are racing to finish the world’s largest refinery for so-called rare earth […]

If you want to make more bets on Asia, then Index IQ‘s filing for new exchange traded funds (ETFs) might grab your attention. The filings from Index IQ target small-cap, single-country funds tracking Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Shannon Bond for The Financial Times reports that the strategy is to tap […]

At the market’s open, Global X will be kicking off the launch of its newest exchange traded fund (ETF), focusing on the 40 largest companies in all five ASEAN regions. The Association of Southeast Asian Nation regions are Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Global X FTSE ASEAN 40 (NYSEArca: ASEA) will have exposure to […]

Malaysia’s economy experienced a burst of activity in the first half of the year, but it has cooled down since. Still, the Malaysia-related exchange traded fund (ETF) may continue to see a growth trend. The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of Tom Lydon, and may not actually come to pass. Information on […]

It isn’t only in the United States that the exchange traded fund (ETF) market is expanding. Asian countries are also growing out their lines of offered ETFs to provide investors with access to new areas of the markets and their economies heat up. Korea and Japan recently launched four more ETFs that track  the U.S., […]

Malaysia is on an economic expansion plan after a new budget was revealed. Is the plan enough to bring this country and its exchange traded fund (ETF) into economic prosperity? Presenting the budget, the prime minister outlined the challenges the country is facing in terms of attracting foreign direct investment. So the 2011 agenda has […]

After posting some spectacular growth in the first half, Malaysia’s exchange traded fund (ETF) may see that growth stunted by a fast-strengthening currency. The Malaysian ringgit is currently sitting at a 13-year high against the dollar and is the second strongest currency in Asia, behind the Japanese yen, reports Martin Soong for CNBC. Dato Seri […]

Despite Malaysia’s proposed economic reforms, foreign investors are shunning the country’s markets, opting for better investment opportunities in the region. Nevertheless, the Malaysia country-related exchange traded fund (ETF) is trading favorably on higher growth in the emerging markets. A recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch report dubbed Malaysia the “least-favored market” in the Asia Pacific […]

Some of the best growth numbers are coming out of Asian countries. Malaysia’s economy reported a sizable economic expansion and also expects sustainable numbers in the future. The country-related exchange traded fund (ETF) may also benefit from the country’s shift to sustainable domestic growth. Malaysia’s economy expanded 8.9% year-over-year in the second quarter, according to […]

It is no surprise that the fastest growing economies are in the emerging markets. For the last six months, some of the best performing exchange traded funds (ETFs) were also those that covered the developing world. Thailand. The Thailand Development Research Institute projects that the Thai economy could grow 6.4% to 7.2% this year, according […]

One look at the performance of Malaysia’s exchange traded fund (ETF) is all you need to know that Malaysia has recovered well from the global economic crisis. But, with a global economic slowdown expected, as well as other policy concerns, it is imperative to know the changes that are happening before investing in the country. […]