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On the back of a 42% drop for 10-year Treasury yields, 2014 was an excellent year for fixed income exchange traded funds. Inflows to bond ETFs hit a record in 2014 as the iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (NYSEArca: AGG) and the Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (NYSEArca: BND) ranked among the top 10 […]

With the exchange traded funds industry continue to boom, various brokerage houses are racing to get in on the action. A popular tactic for capturing ETF assets from registered investment advisors, financial planners and retail investors has been to offer menus of ETFs on a commission-free basis. Not only have brokers such as Charles Schwab […]

U.S. government bonds and Treasuries-related exchange traded funds advanced for the fifth straight day Wednesday as mixed economic data, low inflation and foreign investors helped keep the rally going. The iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF (NYSEArca: IEF), which has an effective duration of 7.57 years, rose 0.5% over the past week while the Vanguard […]

At a time when 10-year Treasury yields are staring a 22.3% year-to-date decline in the face, noting that now would be good time exchange traded funds holding Treasuries to again assert themselves might seem silly. After all, Treasury ETFs have been market darlings this year. The iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (NYSEArca: TLT) is […]

Fixed income exchange traded funds with exposure to the long end of the Treasury yield curve are loving this year’s 23% decline in 10-year Treasury yields. Two such ETFs, the PIMCO 25+ Year Zero Coupon US Treasury (NYSEArca: ZROZ) and the Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF (NYSEArca: EDV), are 34.3% an 31.6% year-to-date, respectively, according […]

Long-term Treasury bond exchange traded funds are finally turning around as the weaker outlook on inflation and global growth help bring investors back. The Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF (NYSEArca: EDV) was up 7.8% Friday while the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (NYSEArca: TLT) was 1.0% higher. Over the past month, EDV has declined […]

I do the “ETF of the Week” for MarketWatch every Thursday on Chuck Jaffe’s MoneyLife Show where I highlight big movers and disappointments among exchange traded funds. This week, I focused on the Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF (NYSEArca: EDV). Treasury bonds have been among the best performing assets this year, but as interest rates […]

With the yield spread on 10-year German bunds against similar maturity U.S. Treasuries at its highest in 15 years, Treasury bond exchange traded funds could find support from European investors who are looking for more attractive income options. The iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF (NYSEArca: IEF), which has a 7.53 year effective duration, offers […]

Treasury bond exchange traded funds jumped on safe-haven demand Friday after lackluster economic data fueled bets that the Federal Reserve would hold off rate changes and on reports that Ukraine attacked the Russian armored convoy, raising fears of retaliation. The Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF (NYSEArca: EDV), which has an effective duration of 24.9 years […]

Treasury bonds exchange traded funds have strengthened this year, opposing calls for rising rates at the start of the year, and there may not be enough irrational behavior to justify a swift correction. The Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF (NYSEArca: EDV), which has an effective duration of 25.4 years and a 3.29% 30-day SEC yield, […]

In anticipation of potential changes to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, investors are shifting out of their short-term Treasury allocations and are moving over to longer-dated securities. “People are prepared for eventual tightening monetary policy from the Fed,” Mary Ann Hurley, vice president of trading at D.A. Davidson & Co., said in a Bloomberg article. […]

Without a resolution to the escalating geopolitical tension between Ukraine and Russia, exchange traded fund investors should keep a close eye on a couple of asset classes to help minimize or even profit from the increased volatility. According to analysis on funds in a theoretical scenario of a falling ruble, higher natural gas prices and […]

U.S. Treasuries tumbled earlier this year after the market predicted an imminent change to Federal Reserve policy. However, investors are taking a second look at bond exchange traded funds as economic strength falters and Fed tapering is pushed to the back burner. “The idea that we have very strong growth and that they’re trying to […]

The stock markets and exchange traded funds continued to reach new highs over May but began to falter toward the end of the month as investors took the opportunity to take profits. Meanwhile, safe-haven Treasury prices are getting pummeled with yields on benchmark 10-year notes back above 2%. With interest rates rising, long-term Treasury bonds […]

Sovereign debt markets rallied across the globe on new concerns over lowered prospects of future growth rates this past week. Long-term Treasury bond exchange traded funds such as the iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (NYSEArca: TLT) are back in focus as investors take advantage of higher bond prices. Investors are exiting U.S. and […]

This year ETF providers have been going toe-to-toe in the so-called fee war. It doesn’t look like the round of fee cuts is over quite yet as Vanguard slashes expense ratios on over 20 of its ETF offerings. “Since we are a mutually owned firm, low costs are an outcome that is directly tied to how much […]

Exchange traded funds indexed to U.S. Treasury bonds are among the top performers in May on the risk-off trade and Europe’s debt woes. Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF (NYSEArca: EDV) is up 14.7% for the month of May. Meanwhile, yields on the 10-year note have cratered under 1.6% to all-time lows. Bond yields and prices […]

The largest exchange traded fund following natural gas futures was the top gainer in ETFs this week with a 9% rally, stirring hopes that the recovery in natural gas prices is real. Natural Gas. The U.S. Energy Information Administration revealed a smaller-than-expected increase in natural gas inventories, stoking a rally in natural gas futures that […]

Exchange traded funds tracking two asset classes favored as “safe havens” in recent years – gold and U.S. Treasury bonds – have both been hit by sharp sell-offs this week. Gold prices have been pushed firmly below $1,700 an ounce after the Federal Reserve didn’t hint that more easing measures were forthcoming. The central bank […]

The recent advance in exchange traded funds indexed to long-term U.S. Treasury bonds is a bad sign for equity investors looking for a Santa Claus rally to end 2011. The $3.4 billion iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund (NYSEArca: TLT) gained nearly 5% last week. Yields on the 30-year Treasury bond have dropped below […]

Tax efficiency has been a major selling point for exchange traded funds, but experts believe volatility through the year may inflict some surprising ETF tax consequences. Relatively safe bond ETFs have attracted more than $32 billion in assets year-to-date, compared to $26 billion for all of 2010, reports Elizabeth O’Brien for The Wall Street Journal. […]

In examining 2011 returns among bond exchange traded funds, we would wager that most industry participants would be surprised to learn that funds tracking “STRIPS,” zero coupon bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury, have generated some of the best performance year to date. In fact, returns have been staggering to say the least in the […]

Tom Lydon appeared on Yahoo! Finance’s Breakout Tuesday morning to discuss how to play a rising dollar and falling Treasury yields by investing in currency and fixed income exchange traded funds. Watch the Breakout video to see the full interview on ETFs. The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of John Spence, and […]

Exchange traded funds that invest in Treasuries rose Wednesday as investors looked for safety in bonds while stocks weakened along with commodities. Yet Treasury bonds and related ETFs could be slowly losing value as U.S. debt levels surge to new heights and inflation eats away at wealth, some high-profile investors say. Bill Gross, PIMCO’s bond […]

Treasury exchange traded funds (ETFs) were lower Wednesday afternoon as investors worried about a potential government shutdown with lawmakers in Washington facing off before a Friday deadline. As the country’s deficit grows to staggering proportions, the legal limit on the amount the U.S. government may borrow is quickly approaching, and the Treasury Secretary warns of […]

U.S. Treasury bonds are reaping the benefit of being a safe-haven investment.  With volatile markets and escalating crisis’ overseas, the treasury-related exchange traded funds (ETFs) are moving forward. Treasury prices jumped sharply in trading this morning after an announcement that the situation at a Japan nuclear plant is out of control and there cold be […]

Gold, silver, oil and VIX exchange traded funds (ETFs) went flying today as protests in Egypt grew more intense. ProShares VIX Short-Term Futures (NYSEArca: VIXY) rose a whopping 8.2% as the Egyptian government deployed tanks to break up protests, increasing investor jitters and sending them to safe havens. The news wasn’t too kind to Market […]

Treasury bonds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) that hold them can be some of the safest investments any investor can hope to hold. However, high government debt and an unwillingness to address current problems are putting bondholders on edge. The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of Tom Lydon, and may not actually […]

After struggling to find their footing in the last month, Treasury bond exchange traded funds (ETFs) are once again seeing their prices increase today. But does this mean that they’ve turned over a new leaf? The recent rise in yields has surprised many investors in bond ETFs. John Spence for MarketWatch reports that 10-year note […]

ETFs are off to a flat start Friday, a day after Wall Street hit two-year highs, as worries from overseas once again came back into play after Ireland was hit with a downgrade. In Washington, the U.S. House of Representatives narrowly passed a two-year extension of Bush-era tax cuts just before midnight Thursday after weeks […]