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The U.K. and France combine for nearly 51% of the ETF’s weight with the U.S. and India combining for nearly a quarter of WSKY’s roster. Overall, 13 countries are represented in the fund with six of those being emerging markets.

“At Spirited Funds, CEO David Bolton says many consumers around the world are showing a preference for liquors, with whiskey and bourbon clocking up particularly strong growth,” according to the Journal. “Most of the holdings in the fund generate at least half of their revenue from distilled spirits, he says. Mr. Bolton says spirits are in a 30- to 40-year ‘supercycle.’”

Diageo is WSKY’s largest holding by a wide margin, commanding over 18% of the ETF’s weight. The ETF returned over 28% in its first year on the market. WSKY charges 0.6% per year, or $60 on a $10,000 investment.

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