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Thematic strategies tend to be alpha-seeking, have a long time horizon and are growth oriented. The thematic investments also transcend classic sector, industry and geographic classifications as many overlap.

“The need for data security and privacy is more pressing and urgent today than ever before, given the ready availability of immensely powerful technologies. Statements last year from French President Emmanuel Macron, who is pushing hard for a national AI strategy in France, highlight the importance of having clear and coherent regulations that would let citizens enjoy the benefits of AI without the technology being abused,” according to Markit.

Ten industries are represented among the 37 holdings in BOTZ with technology and industrial sectors looming large.

“Most AI applications are currently at this point, characterized in general by four major abilities: perceiving, learning, abstracting, and reasoning,” said Markit. “The next milestone will be tough to match. Generic Multi-Modal AI is comparable to human intelligence, applies to all the senses, and works powerfully in parallel.”

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