TEFT Targets ETF Industry: A Compelling Investment

Against a backdrop of record-setting inflows and a growing number of innovative entries to the Exchange Traded Fund universe, the first index and ETF to target the ETF industry, Toroso ETF Industry Index (TETF.Index), has turned in a strong first year of returns.

The Toroso ETF Industry Index (TETF.Index), which underpins the ETF Industry Exposure & Financial Services ETF (NYSE Arca: TETF), recently marked its first anniversary, marking a year of providing investors with a benchmark for gauging the performance of the companies driving and participating in the past growth and potential future growth of the Exchange Traded Funds industry.

Investors are just now catching on to an ETF that tracks the ETF industry itself,  a compelling investment idea.

“New ETF issuers face many challenges; volume, track record and platform access.  We chose to make our ETF a way to promote the entire ETF industry which has helped us partner with larger firms that are index constituents.  Our success is dependent on the continued success of the ETF industry,” said Mike Venuto, CIO of Toroso Investments and co-founder of TETF.Index

This innovative ETF has changed the way portfolios are constructed. The key facets of the structure are transparency, liquidity, and lower costs. In 2017, the U.S. ETF industry alone saw record-setting inflows of more than $476 billion to end the year north of $3.4 trillion in total industry assets.

Take a look at its performance.