Factor Focus With Deutsche Smart Beta ETF

Historical data indicate various factors perform well in particular years while others lag, making it difficult for investors to time exactly when one factor will outperform others. The difficulty in factor time underscores the utility of a multi-factor approach such as the one offered by DEUS.

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Year-to-date, DEUS is up an admirable 10.1% and currently resides just half a percent below its recent highs. DEUS is also a cost-effective option for investors looking to embrace multiple investment factors. The average U.S. large-cap smart beta ETF charges around 0.35% per year, or $35 on a $10,000 investment. However, the annual fee on DEUS is just 0.19%, or $19 on a $10,000 investment, according to issuer data.

DEUS holds almost 130 stocks and has $101.2 million in assets under management, an impressive $63.1 million of which has flowed into the fund this year.

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