Just look at these indicators of what’s to come in robotics and AI:

  • In just 5 years, as many as 5 Billion people will have access to the Internet, adding nearly 2 Billion new consumers, new app developers, and new innovators to the already vast population of users.
  • Robotics, automation, and AI companies are growing at 2, 3, and 4 times the pace of the general market.
  • Robots and cobots are now a competitive requirement for manufacturers, driving global sales of industrial robots to a record 387,000 units in 2017—an increase of 31% compared to 2016.[2]
  • In China alone, demand for industrial robots was up 58% in 2017.
  • The UK recently launched an industry strategy that relies heavily on AI to help generate an estimated £232 billion for the UK economy by 2030.
  • In 2018, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) launched ‘Industrie 2030’ with the goal of doubling the value-added manufacturing, processing, technology and services in Canada by 2030.
  • More than 20 other countries have released an aggressive AI strategy or action plan in an effort to create or maintain their ability to compete in an increasingly AI-driven world.

No one can control the market. But what we can do is invest in companies and global trajectories that are positioned for growth—regardless of which way the market turns. Without a doubt, today’s most promising investment opportunity is robotics and AI.

At ROBO Global, our focus is not on the cyclical shifts of the market in general, but on the potential of robotics and AI companies as we look 5, 10, and even 20 years in the future. That’s why we rely on our Strategic Advisory Board, which includes some of today’s most esteemed researchers, teachers, and leaders in the field. That’s why we focus not on market cap, but on innovation and productivity. And that’s why our 5-year track record of real data and real results simply can’t be matched. We have seen that slow and steady truly does win the race. For investors who are seeking long-term growth and who are ready to buy the weakness offered by a waning market, the time to dive into robotics and AI is now.

By Bill Studebaker, President & CIO, ROBO Global

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