In Robotics & AI, Now is the Time to Dive in and Buy the Weakness

The market may have taken a turn, but in the world of robotics and AI, the future remains glaringly bright. That’s great news for those already invested in what has been called the greatest investment opportunity of our generation. It may be even better news for investors who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the ideal time to dive in.

Of course, even though it was widely anticipated, the latest dramatic dip in the market could easily cause even the most dedicated, long-term investor to take pause. And yet, with a little perspective, it’s just as easy to see why now may be the best time in a long time to take the plunge. A quick look in the rear-view mirror is all that’s needed to see how the robotics and AI market has gotten to where it is today—and where it’s most likely headed in the future.

To provide that view, the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index offers the perfect snapshot of this exciting market segment. The first index created to capture the global opportunity of robotics, automation, and AI (or RAAI), the ROBO index includes companies across the entire RAAI supply chain. Rather than targeting only the hugely over-owned large-cap leaders, the index is designed to contain a diversified mix of market caps, including 28% large-caps, 49% mid-caps, and 23% small-caps.[1] Here’s just a quick peek at where a few of these ROBO Global index members are this week compared to two years ago, in November 2016:

What’s most important to note is that each of these companies is continuing to provide investors with significant ROI, despite that fact that they are currently swimming in a down market. While this week’s numbers are markedly lower than what we saw just a few weeks ago, they are still dream numbers for investors who dove in to the index just 24 months ago.

Equally impressive is the fact that more than 60% of the companies in the index have net cash positions. These aren’t fly-by-night companies who are subsisting on inflows of VC funds with the mere hope of becoming profitable in the future. They are some of the world’s most innovative companies who are delivering on the incredible promise of robotics and AI. These are the makers of the technologies and applications that are enabling today’s robotics revolution, and they are delivering the products and solutions that are being put to work now to transform nearly every industry in every region around the world.

Still, the ROBO index has seen a dramatic pullback in the past few weeks. Consistent with the general market downturn, October 2018 has delivered the worst pullback in ROBO history at about 15%. Even so, while not every index member has doubled or tripled in price in the last 24 months, many have. And regardless of the cyclical ups and downs of the market, the capabilities of robotics, automation, and AI are continuing to skyrocket. Of that, there is no doubt.