Intel AI is Changing Everything for Businesses

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has become so commonly discussed that it’s now a household term, even if many people don’t know exactly what it is or what it is being used for today.

There are endless applications for artificial intelligence in pretty much any industry you can name, but two examples of AI created by Intel are particularly easy to understand. We’ll focus on these two examples here.

Intel AI is developed to use satellites to spot infestations in farmers’ crops. Modern farmers have thousands of acres of crops, the health of which their entire livelihood depends upon.

People all around the country also depend on the health and well being of these precious foods, and scarcity caused by pests and blight can cause food shortages that drive up prices and make people go without the foods they need.

AI can now recognize crop problems from great distances, diagnosing the issue and alerting the farmer to the problem. If you are a farmer, you no doubt see incredible potential here.