Intel AI is Changing Everything for Businesses

Similarly, AI is already active in the medical world, and this will only become more pronounced with time. AI can explore countless medical histories and emergency room visitation records. An AI is perfect for this task, because they can “read” so much faster and remember so much more than a human.

Already, AI systems are helping to diagnose patients, helping to prevent negative drug interactions, helping to prevent allergies, and even helping to prevent illness entirely by recognizing the health and lifestyle events that precipitate certain illnesses.

This last point gives patients the information they need to make changes before they become ill. Medical professionals and hospitals around the world are already using versions of this tech, and look forward to further advancements.

There are many more applications of artificial intelligence in the modern world, and no industry will be unaffected when these technologies become mature. Already, medicine and modern farming are being helped enormously by these pioneering technologies, in ways that are likely already affected your life for the better.

The following article was republished with permission from Modest Money.