Five Ways to Prevent Robots From Losing Value Over Time

As a result, potential buyers should consider choosing used cobots to shield themselves from that first-year depreciation.

4. Stay on Top of Preventative Maintenance

Wear and tear make machines lose value. Preventative maintenance is crucial for all robots to remain functional and valuable over time.

Preventative maintenance requires different levels of care. First, a robot will need specific checks or adjustments after operating for a number of hours. Daily checks are essential, too, and the employees performing them should record and report potentially abnormal behavior.

Regular maintenance checks allow people to spot and replace overly worn parts before breakdowns occur. A cobot should come with a manual that indicates which types of preventative maintenance to conduct at different intervals.

Some cobots have onboard diagnostic components that alert operators when a part may soon fail. Others send error reports back to manufacturers. Those companies—which often know more about the cobots than their owners—can then provide details about what’s wrong.

5. Only do Business with Authorized Repair Personnel

Cobots generally possess built-in technologies that make them very safe to use. These include sensors that stop movement when the cobot touches a person and that slow movement when people are within range.

Yet accidents can still happen. If they do, and the resulting damage necessitates repairs, be careful: a hasty job may appear sufficient at first, but will lead to flaws that cause the cobot to depreciate later on.

Problematic components may also require the cobot to be repaired. If possible, cobot owners should choose authorized repair providers, such as those recommended or employed by the applicable manufacturer.

Be Forward-Thinking to Increase Lasting Value

Many of these tips involve thinking about the future and how cobots fit into it.

When cared for properly, these machines can provide years of use, benefiting the employees who work around them and the companies that buy them. Just make sure to remember these tips!

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