The Race to $1 Trillion: Who Will Join Apple, Amazon Next?

With Amazon following in the footsteps of Apple by reaching the $1 trillion market cap milestone earlier this week, the question remains: who will take bronze and be the third trillion-dollar company?

The two main contenders in this race seem to be Alphabet Inc (GOOGL), with a market cap of $815 billion, and Microsoft Corp (MSFT), with a market cap of $830 billion.

Ray Wang, the founder of Constellation Research, thinks that Google will cross the $1 trillion mark first.

“Google’s gone away from just being a one-trick pony on search,” Wang said. “You’re looking at a huge run-up on Google Enterprise. When we talk to our clients, almost all of them are considering Google as well as part of their cloud. The cloud part of their business is going to be their fastest-growing piece, and they’re taking share from Amazon. So as companies start moving to the cloud – look, only 7 to 10% of the world’s workloads are in the cloud today, and there’s a lot of upside as there’s a fight and a battle for who’s got cloud dominance.”