Media Companies Expect Boon from NFL Season

On the optimistic side, CNBC’s Jim Cramer thinks the recent legalization of sports betting could lead more speculators to watch and bet on the games.

“I think it’s huge. I think it’s not talked about,” Cramer said. “Everybody remembers a couple years ago when FanDuel came out, and this moment when people were kind of betting, illegally, on games, and it wasn’t regulated. Look, it’s been an open secret that people bet gigantically on football. I think if you’re out-of-the-closet betting, that means you’re watching. I think ratings are going to be up this year.”

Despite the mixed outlook for TV networks, social media companies can look forward to increased activity surrounding these games. A 2014 report found that 5 million tweets were sent during Super Bowl kickoff weekend 2014 alone, so this year’s Super Bowl could be a boon to social media companies still dealing with issues from censorship to election interference.

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