March Madness for ETFs: 10 Funds Leading the Pack

Around the country, work places are growing increasingly restless knowing that March Madness begins Thursday and the betting pools are about to begin.

According to CNBC, corporate productive losses during the NCAA Tournament amounted to $6.3 billion last year.

But with all the money lost, there is also money to be gained. And while it’s always fun to fill in the brackets and compete against colleagues, there are many ETF investments that may reap some bigger cash prizes.

After all the ups and downs in the market so far this year, investors might be surprised at who’s leading the pack in ETFs: tech, bio-sciences, and commodities including carbon and cocoa.

In today’s market, the number of companies in the innovation and disruption realm is increasing. Its permeation into daily lives is becoming more and more real with emerging technologies such a cryptocurrency, AI, robotics, cloud technology, big data, and blockchain entering the mainstream. These technologies are only beginning to expand and investors know that exposure to these top themes is necessary to maintain a growth portfolio posture.

Tech stocks have evolved from creating niche consumer products to a group of companies in which every other segment has become dependent. Apple, Amazon, Intel, and Microsoft have become global leaders in the technology sector by creating a high demand for consumers and continually innovating to meet greater needs.

A glimpse into robotics in the past 50 years shows how in such a short time something can be introduced exclusively for industrial purposes and then because of technological advancements, accelerate into the hands of the consumer. It is only a matter of time before robots are an aspect of our daily lives and so many industries will be affected: food and agriculture, logistics, healthcare, security, 3D printing, energy, consumer products, manufacturing, and security to name a few.

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Top 10 ETFs Leading the Pack Quarter to Date

10. The SPDR S&P Internet ETF (XWEB) up 19.83%

9.  The PowerShares Nasdaq Internet Portfolio (PNQI) up 20.84%

8. The ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) up  21.31%