In addition, survey respondents forecasted an increase of 50 more basis points in 2019, bringing the federal funds rate to a range of 2.75 to 3%. All in all, the average of respondents see the federal funds rate at 3.3% once the Federal Reserve is done hiking rates.

TMV has already risen about 1.2% the past couple of days ahead of the interest rate decision on Wednesday. Year-to-date, TMV has generated 8.99% as well as 7.17% within the past year.

“The market is fearful that dovish hikes are a thing of the past … Markets are finally respecting the Fed, and are starting to think that these guys mean business,” said George Goncalves, head of fixed-income strategy at Nomura Securities International.

“I’ll be watching to see if the Fed’s happy with the market’s reaction (to its hiking cycle),” he added.

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