US President Donald Trump has frequently attacked large tech companies for perceived grievances. He has gone after Amazon for a slew of issues, ranging from internet sales taxes, their usage of the US Postal Service, negative press coverage in the Amazon-owned Washington Post, and monopolistic behavior. More recently, he went after Google for allegedly suppressing conservative voices in Google searches.

Just last Wednesday, President Trump tweeted out a video allegedly showing Google promoting former President Obama’s State of the Union addresses while neglecting to promote his. The caption was a single hashtag – “#StopTheBias”.

Earlier on Wednesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding foreign election interference through social media. Notably, Alex Jones, whose conspiracy-peddling organization InfoWars was recently banned from Facebook and YouTube, sat right behind them, in an attempt to draw attention to his treatment by social media companies.

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