Inspire Expands on Faith-Based, Christian Values ETF Suite

Inspire Investing has expanded on its line of biblically inspired ETFs to include a new strategy that focuses on some of the largest U.S. companies that best follow Christian values.

Inspire Investing launched the new Inspire 100 ETF (NYSEArca: BIBL), which comes with a 0.35% expense ratio.

“We believe good returns and good values are not mutually exclusive. Inspire Global Hope ETF is designed to create meaningful impact by investing in some of the most inspiring companies from around the globe, while also seeking to provide investors with a low cost, high impact investment that meets the stringent demands of modern investors. All Inspire ETF’s meet biblically responsible investing (BRI) standards, which measure a portfolio’s alignment with biblical values,” according to Inspire Investing.

The Inspire 100 ETF will try to reflect the performance of the Inspire 100 Index, which is comprised of domestic large-cap equity securities that follow the index provider’s Inspire Impact Score, a proprietary selection process that focuses on security’s alignment with biblical values and the positive impact that company has on the world through various environmental, social and governance criteria.

Specifically, the underlying index will first screen out any large-cap companies that has any degree of participation in activities that do not align with biblical values, including abortion, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, the LGBT lifestyle and rights violations such as association with or doing business in terrorist sponsoring countries, countries having oppressive systems of government, and countries where there are known human rights violations related to the persecution or severe discrimination against Christians, and poor labor practices.