Inspire Expands on Faith-Based, Christian Values ETF Suite

Furthermore, the indexing methodology would assign a positive score based on companies’ publicly available policies and procedures that align with biblical values in areas including products and services such as curing or treating disease; enhancing educational opportunities; and providing food, water, shelter, clothing and sanitation for the poor and marginalized; the workplace such as encouraging more time with family; providing above average compensation when compared to industry peers; providing above average employee benefit packages when compared to industry peers; and providing a safe and healthy workplace environment; the community or the benefit the communities in which they do business through philanthropy and volunteerism; and environment or those that actively protect and preserve the environment.

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The new fund targets global companies, including 50% U.S. large-caps, 40% international developed large-caps and 10% emerging market large-caps. The index is also equally weighted.

Current top holdings include STMicroelectronics 0.4%, DR Horton 0.4%, Micron Technology 0.4%, Lam Research 0.4% and Sherwin-Williams Co. 0.4%.

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