Today’s rise in the Dow of over 200 points in the early session should also help ease investor fears. This week, earnings reports for the third quarter will continue with Apple being on of the heavy hitters that could help rally stocks further.

“Apple is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thursday and analysts who track the company predict— surprise —that the good times are likely to continue for Apple, the world’s most valuable public company,” said Jack Nicas of the New York Times. “Sales of iPhones have leveled off in recent quarters but people have been paying more for each device, sustaining a steady growth rate for the $1 trillion company.”

October has certainly made investors more aware of the market landscape, particularly in accordance with rising rates. At financial-planning and investment-management firm Inspired Financial in Huntington Beach, California, investors are contacting founder Evelyn Zohlen more often than usual, but they’re not in a state of panic.

“They’re pragmatic,” said Zohlen. “They’re asking if there’s anything unusual about this drop and whether they should be doing anything different.”

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