Sprott Expands Critical Minerals ETF Suite With COPP

Sprott Asset Management launched its latest fund today that further expands the existing critical minerals ETF suite. The Sprott Copper Miners ETF (COPP) offers pure-play exposure to the full spectrum of copper miners. It’s a strong complement to existing funds and provides expanded options for investors looking to capture energy transition equities.

COPP provides exposure to small, mid, and large-cap copper mining companies. It’s the first U.S. ETF to provide a pure play on the market cap spectrum of copper miners. It joins the existing Sprott Junior Copper Miners ETF (COPJ) that focuses on small, mid, and micro-cap copper mining companies.

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Sprott Copper Miners ETF Captures Growing Demand

Copper plays a pivotal role in the energy transition with use cases in power grids, renewable energies, electric vehicles, and more.

“Global commitments to meet net-zero emissions by 2050 are reliant upon copper-intensive electrification initiatives,” said John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management in the press release.

“Despite growing investor interest in copper as the energy transition gains momentum, it’s been challenging for investors to gain targeted exposure to copper miners. We’re pleased to offer a focused opportunity to invest in copper miners through this ETF.”

COPP seeks to track the Nasdaq Sprott Copper Miners Index. The Index includes global companies within the copper industry, namely developers, explorers, and copper producers. The fund invests in miners positioned to benefit from the exponential growth in demand for copper in the coming years. These same companies also stand to benefit from increased investment in copper as the energy transition picks up speed.

At launch, the fund invests in 40 securities, with large-cap companies of $10 billion or more making up 51.2% of holdings. COPP carries an expense ratio of 0.65%.

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