Future Fund Long/Short ETF Targets World-Changing Megatrends

The Future Fund, an investment advisor led by Gary Black and David Kalis, launched the Future Fund Long/Short ETF (NYSE Arca: FFLS). FFLS is a high-conviction, risk-managed long/short strategy that seeks to capitalize on key megatrends driving the economy.

Portfolio managers Black and Kalis use fundamental research to select concentrated investments. Specifically, they’re after those that may profit from emerging technological or social developments. The fundamental-driven long/short ETF looks to fill a gap in the investment marketplace. FFLS provides an opportunity to invest in a hedged portfolio of leading secular growth companies.

“Global forces are impacting businesses, economies, and individuals, and unleashing macro trends that will produce both winners and losers,” Black said. “Transformative companies that will capitalize on these trends, and companies that will fail to adapt and be unable to keep up with the leaders.”

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Black added: “We believe our deep fundamental research gives us early insight into both long and short opportunities.”

Megatrends Reshaping the Economy

The Future Fund has identified 10 megatrends that have the potential to reshape the structure of industry: social networking, mobility, e-commerce, AI and automation, big data and security, human longevity, fintech, lifestyle betterment, 24/7 information and entertainment, and climate sustainability. The portfolio managers believe these are the key drivers to long-term secular growth opportunities in the global market.

“Our investment process recognizes the disruptive innovation that is reshaping the economy,” Kalis said. “It identifies the transformative companies that will displace legacy industry incumbents in several key sectors. We’re looking for companies that will change the world across multiple industries.”

FFLS is The Future Fund’s second ETF after the Future Fund Active ETF (FFND) launched in August 2021.

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