Fed, Mueller, Xi Among Factors for Investors to Consider as Year Ends

Horizon takes on a goals-based approach to investing and provides investment strategies customized to meet the individual’s goals. The fund provider identified three main goals investors may want to achieve, including accumulating wealth, preservation of wealth or distribution of wealth.

“Goals-based investing enables advisors to help clients identify their most important and meaningful financial goals in life, so they can position their investment capital to aim for those specific key objectives—on time and in line with their risk tolerance,” according to Robbie Cannon, CEO of Horizon Investments.

As a way to manage capital preservation in a flat market condition ahead, investors can look to something like the Horizon Defind Risk Fund (HNDRX), which aims to invest in a diversified portfolio of domestic equity securities, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs), while seeking to generate income, hedge volatility and reduce downside risk by buying and selling put and call options

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