On the Fence About Exchange? Here's What to Expect

Exchange is only a month away. Despite the appeal of getting together with the rest of the financial services community, for some advisors, the decision to go is complicated. Travel is expensive, and the start of any new year is long on things to do and short on time. On the other hand, Exchange has historically been a monumental event that has allowed advisors access to some of the most important thought leaders in the industry.

For advisors currently weighing the pros and cons, VettaFi Financial Futurist Dave Nadig and Head of Research Todd Rosenbluth are offering a free webcast today at 2 p.m. ET covering what to expect from the most important financial services conference.

Finding a Blueprint for Growth

The theme for Exchange this year is “Blueprint for Growth.” As we go into an election year amid a world still grappling with a global pandemic and geopolitical strife, finding a path forward is more important than ever. Rosenbluth and Nadig will detail some of the experts who will be speaking.

The conference will also feature personal development opportunities through the experts at Carson Coaching. As always, Exchange will also be the networking event of the year.

Opportunities for Play

Even in a conference filled to the brim with panels, activities, and events, advisors will have time to enjoy Miami Beach. With the big game set February 11, Exchange will host the ultimate game day party at one of Miami’s most exclusive clubs.

“Exchange is a month away, and will be a must-attend event. While advisors will learn about ETFs while there, the event will cover so much more. I can’t wait,” Rosenbluth said.

Register for the free webcast “What to Expect When You Attend Exchange” here.

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