Exchange 2024 Helped Investors Unlock Growth

Exchange 2024 was an unmitigated success, gathering the financial services community in Miami for three days packed with growth. “Exchange is the must-attend event for advisors wanting to stay up to date on market and ETF developments plus learn best practices,” said VettaFi head of research Todd Rosenbluth. “It’s consistently the most productive three business days of the year.” 

Advisor Kristoffer Doura reflected, “The conference was an unforgettable experience, where professionals from different backgrounds and industries came together to face challenges and share their knowledge.”

The Blueprint for Growth 

The theme of Exchange 2024 was Blueprint for Growth. Accordingly, the conference featured practice management sessions, career coaching from Carson Coaching, and thought leadership. “Everyone down here has an innately growth-oriented mindset. They want to get better as people. They want to learn how to build their business,” said VettaFi President Tom Hendrickson.  

Exchange featured a killer roster of thought leadership experts, including Dr. David KellyJeffrey Gundlach, Amy Walter, and Jeremy Grantham. Sessions dug into everything from the geopolitical obstacles presenting investors with potential challenges in 2024 to the rise of AI. 

First Financial Group’s Tommy Lewis said, “had an Incredible time at the Exchange ETF conference in Miami Beach last week with the FFG team! We were fortunate to hear insights from some of the industry’s leading experts on current market conditions, perspectives, and long-term challenges America is set to encounter.”

The Networking Event of the Year 

VettaFi CMO Jon Fee summed up one of Exchange’s biggest draws succinctly when he noted the event was, “three months of meetings in three days.” Networking has been a staple of Exchange since the conference launched, as the financial services community gets an opportunity to connect live and in person.  

The networking is valuable to learn what other advisors are doing in their practices,” shared one advisor. 

The event also featured service to the broader community. Two charity events that allowed participants to help build a better world.  

Exchange 2025 is Vegas Bound 

After a three-year run-in Miami, Exchange 2025 is heading to Vegas! The new venue will be more accessible to some advisors and offer a fresh experience for returning attendees. Sign up here to stay in the loop on Exchange 2025. 

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