Advisors are forming partnerships with ETF strategists to enhance their practices along the following dimensions:

  • By outsourcing a portion of investment strategy implementation to an ETF strategist, advisors are freeing up more time to manage client relationships and attract new business.
  • By partnering with ETF strategists, advisors are gaining access to a wide range of strategic and tactical investment expertise.
  • Advisors are keeping their clients invested during periods of market turmoil by using ETF managed portfolios to help dampen volatility and limit downside risk in client accounts.
  • With the help of ETF strategists, advisors are embracing a flexible framework for portfolio construction that helps them deliver the “personal performance” that investors are demanding.

A growing number of advisors are discovering that the top-down, macro approach to asset-allocation made possible by ETFs is a highly effective method for addressing their clients’ most pressing needs. For many, partnering with ETF strategists is the most efficient, cost-effective avenue for incorporating this type of investment management into their practices. Advisory firms would be well-served to investigate the potential opportunities that might stem from partnering with a strategist as this burgeoning market continues to take flight.


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