EMQQ EVOLVES with Donations to ESG Orgs | ETF Trends

EMQQ has donated $88,888 to several organizations through its “EMQQ EVOLVES” program, an operational model that the team launched in 2021 to create sustainable business operations for the company and advance its environmental, social, and governance efforts.

Part of EMQQ EVOLVES includes making annual donations to organizations advancing environmental issues in a way that reflects EMQQ’s beliefs and values. Recipients of the first annual EMQQ EVOLVES giving program were selected specifically for their measurable work in driving change. They include:

“We introduced EMQQ EVOLVES as a powerful yet easily executable model for ourselves to do better and to show the broader investing community how achievable it is to evolve towards sustainability,” said Kevin T. Carter, founder of EMQQ. “We are proud to be making our first annual series of donations, and we hope our work on this front can shine a light on how action like EVOLVES can help others looking to spur significant, positive change.”

Under The Umbrella

In 2021, the team behind the Emerging Markets Internet Ecommerce ETF (EMQQ) rolled out several activities under the EVOLVES umbrella, including ESG-focused initiatives like solar capacity and a goal of being carbon neutral by the end of 2022. So far, the team has replaced two gas-powered vehicles with battery-operated vehicles and offset 100% of company air travel by purchasing carbon credits through Cool Effect.

“We believe changing the world begins with changing our worlds, on an individual level and on a firm level. If each of us identify what we can do to improve or advance our corners of the world and take tangible action, the world will progress. We named our approach ‘EMQQ EVOLVES’ to speak to the ideology that progress can start with any action and with increased time and efforts, real advancement will come,” said Lee G. Stapleton, chief evolution officer with EMQQ.

For companies like EMQQ who are looking to increase their impact efforts, Stapleton adds, “A key piece of making change happen in our industry is through cross-generational partnership. The ‘future generations’ people often reference are already here, as millennials are turning 40 and Gen Z is entering the workforce. Support and partnership from our industry’s senior leadership is essential to activating the change that we want to see in the world, now and later. EMQQ EVOLVES proves just how powerful such partnership can be in mobilizing real change.”

“We continue to look forward to the ongoing dialogue with investors, partners, and our colleagues across the investing ecosystem about how all of us can take more of a leadership role in driving greater focus and targeted action around sustainability,” added Stapleton. “As I said when we launched this initiative, the best place for us to start this journey was with ourselves, and we hope the rest of the investing universe will join us in this movement.”

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