Be Active: Beating Inflation With Innovation | ETF Trends

As the market shakes from inflation pressure, the investment landscape is changing. Innovative companies and sectors are well-positioned to take advantage of the new landscape, creating unique opportunities.

In the upcoming webcast, Be Active: Beating Inflation with Innovation, David Dali, Head of Portfolio Strategy, Matthews Asia, and Michael Oh, Portfolio Manager, Matthews Asia, will review innovative companies and sectors primed to thrive despite inflationary headwinds.

Matthews Asia recently launched three active ETFs that focus on global emerging markets, Asia, and China, including the Matthews Emerging Markets Equity Active ETF (NYSE Arca: MEM), the Matthews Asia Innovators Active ETF (NYSE Arca: MINV), and the Matthews China Active ETF (NYSE Arca: MCH).

The investment strategies of Matthews Asia’s new active ETFs will be similar to those of the money manager’s existing mutual funds and will be managed using the firm’s fundamental research approach, which seeks to identify compelling investment opportunities that are expected to be able to generate above-index returns.

The Matthews Emerging Markets Equity Active ETF seeks Alpha in Global Emerging Markets, capitalizing on consumption and innovation trends. The portfolio takes an All-Cap, Company-First Approach that emphasizes fundamental research over top-down country or sector allocation.

The Matthews Asia Innovators Active ETF is a high-conviction, concentrated equity portfolio of innovative companies in Asia ex Japan. The fund takes an all-cap fundamental approach focused on companies with unique offerings that create or expand markets, capitalizing on the new economy and the rising disposable income in Asia.

Lastly, the Matthews China Active ETF is a high-conviction equity portfolio that seeks companies benefiting from China’s domestic consumption. The fund follows an all-cap fundamental GARP approach driven by on-the-ground, proprietary research and combines long-term core holdings with more opportunistic ideas to provide consistency through cycles.

“While we anticipate a continuation of market volatility in the near term, we are excited by the opportunities developing throughout Asia,” according to Mathews Asia. “Despite the headwinds witnessed through much of 2022, Asia’s multi-year structural growth story continues to unfold, particularly in emerging economies such as Vietnam.”

“Much will hinge on China, as the dominant constituent of the index, but there are reasons to be optimistic. The adoption of a more pragmatic approach to managing the pandemic, dovetailed with a more supportive environment for economic growth, will go far in reversing negative sentiment towards Chinese equities, particularly while valuations are suppressed.”

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about innovative solutions can register for the Monday, October 31 webcast here.