Despite Rising Income, Farmer Sentiment Weakens in October

Rising inflation that’s feeding into costlier food sources is producing positive income for the farmer this year, but when it comes to sentiment, it was more negative during the month of October.

While income is rising, there’s a healthy fear that inflation could eventually outpace consumer demand and, thus, weaken income for farmers. This is evident in the metric known as the Purdue University-CME Group Ag Economy Barometer, which tracks farmer sentiment.

The metric was down during October as inflation continues to be a primary concern. As an Agri-View report noted, “this year’s weakness in farmer sentiment is taking place despite very strong net farm income compared to the earlier period.”

Furthermore, the report added that concerns regarding “farm’s financial performance was one of the drivers of weakening sentiment among producers. The Farm Financial Performance Index decreased 13 points this month to 86.”

The October survey also said that inflated input costs remain a primary concern, and it’s also no surprise that inflation is still causing farmers much worry. As such, Agri-View reported that the “percentage of producers choosing reduced output prices as a critical concern increased to 13 percent, matching the percentage of producers who chose input availability as a major concern.”

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