China is helping U.S. coal producers in other ways. It recently cut coal production to try to boost domestic prices to help its coal companies make enough to pay off debt. China is clamping down on imports as part of this price-manipulation effort. But the production cut still increases demand for many of the companies listed below,” according to MarketWatch.

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KOL follows the MVIS Global Coal Index and holds 27 stocks. This is a global ETF with China being its largest geographic weight at 23.2% followed by the U.S. at 21.7%. Australia and Indonesia combine for over 27% of KOL’s weight. KOL’s top 10 holdings combine for almost 58% of the ETF’s weight.

Adding to the case for coal stocks and KOL is the fact that group is not expensive on valuation and some rebounding coal producers are now paying dividends and repurchasing their own shares, as MarketWatch notes.

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