Bitcoin Dips Past $6,000 With No Floor in Sight

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin dipped past the $6,000 mark with possibly no floor in sight as the bears continue to pile on. The price reached a low of $5,835.75, rose to $5946.02 and then fell again to its current $5905.36 as of 11:00 am Eastern Time.

Overall, Bitcoin is down 2.94 percent in the past day. Its peers, Ethereum and Ripple, are also getting hit by the bears with Ethereum down 4.74 percent and Ripple down 4.66 percent the last 24 hours.

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According to Matthew Newton, an analyst at eToro, it’s not entirely uncommon for prices to dip around the futures settlement date. Compounding the price drops is a current lack of volume in the cryptocurrency markets.

Bitcoin Dips Past $6,000 with No Floor in Sight 1

“There’s no real spark in the market right now to get it moving, it’s just more sellers than buyers,” said Newton. “It needs something to get markets back to life, like some development on the technology or regulatory side.”