In our digital world, having access to your account, or even setting your account up altogether online is essential. GuidedChoice allows you to do just that at your computer in your home. Even if you are rolling over a pre-existing account, it takes minutes to get the ball rolling on your new IRA. It’s as simple as selecting which type of IRA you want, inputting the required information and clicking confirm.

GuidedChoice will be with you for the whole process. From the moment you enter the website, through the process of setting your account up, they have a concierge service to guide you through the process. Their goal is to make sure your Managed IRA suits your needs to make you as much money as possible.

Sometimes investing can be frustrating. GuidedChoice wants to remove any frustration you may have and make your Managed IRA run smoothly. That is why they have automatic rebalancing. Your account is continuously monitored to ensure you are on track. If things start to slip, GuidedChoice’s automatic rebalancing will adjust and rebalance the account to keep you on your path.

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Final Thoughts on Guided Choice IRAs

If you are worried about the costs of having a Managed IRA, GuidedChoice has made their accounts as affordable as possible. Starting with the minimum balance – which is none. There is no required minimum balance needed (there is a $50 with a balance under $50,000 though). Their yearly fees stay at a reasonable rate which allows you to start saving at any age.