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ARKW tracks a number of companies that benefit from increase use of shared technology, infrastructure and services in cloud computing, big data, social media, internet, devices and gateways, e-commerce, media ecosystems, health care, sharing economy, point of sale, telecom and cryptocurrencies

“The next couple of weeks should be interesting ones for ARKW. Along with GBTC, the fund has Amazon (AMZN) as its top holding — and the rumor mill suggests Amazon could announce a decision to accept direct bitcoin payments in its upcoming earnings report, which would give the cryptocurrency a massive boost in terms of PR (and, again, legitimacy),” notes Schaeffer’s. While this speculation is, as yet, completely unconfirmed, it would certainly fit with AMZN’s 2017 trend of nonstop industry disruption, and it’s hard to imagine this wouldn’t be welcomed with open arms by bitcoin bulls.

ARKW also allocates 4.3% of its weight to semiconductor maker Nvidia Corp. (NASDAQ: NVDA), which makes chips used in the mining of bitcoin.

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