DIVI takes an interesting approach to dividend stocks, selecting all manner of yield generating equities that have already been vetted by active mutual fund managers. DIVI is a global ETF, though nearly 80% of its holdings are U.S. companies.

“DIVI offers the opportunity for higher dividend income, with less principal than traditional fixed income options in a low-interest rate environment. Investors may also mitigate the potential issue of portfolio devaluation in a rising interest rate environment,” according to AdvisorShares.

DIVI holds 37 stocks and has an indicated yield of 6.75%.

The ETF debuted in July 2014 and is managed by Denver-based AthenaInvest Advisors. Athena is an “industry leader in Behavioral Portfolio Management (BPM) with its patented behavioral research process and proprietary investment strategies. Dr. C. Thomas Howard, PhD, co-founder and chief investment officer of Athena, serves as the portfolio manager of DIVI,” according to statement issued by AdvisorShares.

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