Dollar Drama for These ETFs

With interested rates expect to remain lower in the developed world and perhaps decline further, some strategists see emerging markets sovereign debt as a prime destination of income-starved investors.

EMB tracks the J.P. Morgan EMBI Global Core Index, a market-cap-weighted index. Potential investors should note that since it is a cap-weighted index, countries with greater debt will have a larger position in the portfolio. EMB is now the largest emerging markets debt fund in the world, ETF or otherwise.

“More U.S. growth typically means a stronger dollar, which is a significant problem for emerging-market nonbank borrowers, which have accumulated more than $3 trillion in dollar-denominated debt, according to Bank for International Settlements data. The higher the dollar rises, the more expensive it becomes to pay back the debt,” reports Bloomberg.

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iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETF (NYSEArca: EMB)

Tom Lydon’s clients own shares of EMB.