Nasdaq Adds 5 New ETP Listings in May

With three weeks in June to close out the quarter, Nasdaq said on Tuesday it’s on track to surpass its Q1 total of 25 new exchange-traded product listing additions.

In May, Nasdaq added five new ETP listings, growing the company’s total ETP listings to 264; Nasdaq added 18 new ETP listings and switches in April.

Three of these new May listings included thematic ETFs, which are becoming increasingly popular since they provide immediate access to a basket of securities tracking a current trend.

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Jeff McCarthy, Vice President and Head of ETP Listings at Nasdaq, said the company’s Q2 additions will soon surpass the total number of ETP listings and switches Nasdaq achieved in the first quarter.

“We also reached an important milestone last week to begin June and welcomed the first ETF from State Street Global Advisors (DWFI) – whose index is owned and was developed by Dorsey, Wright & Associates, a Nasdaq company – to list on Nasdaq,” McCarthy said.