ETF TMI: 2 Themed ETFs Launch; Energy, MLPs Active

Got a case of TMI (Too Much Information)? ETF Trends takes a condensed look at latest happenings…

Global X Launches Longevity and Health & Wellness ETFs on Nasdaq

Global X Funds is on a roll, launching two more thematic exchange traded funds (ETFs) under its “People” category today, May 10.

Global X Longevity Thematic ETF (Nasdaq: LNGR) and the Global X Health & Wellness Thematic ETF (Nasdaq: BFIT) become the 10th and 11th ETFs in Global X’s suite of thematic funds, bringing the total under its “People” category to three funds.

As birth rates fall and life expectancy rises, the world faces a structural demographic shift towards an aging population.

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From 2010 to 2050, the world’s population of people 65 and older is expected to grow 18 times faster than the population of children aged 15 and younger. In addition, many seniors have accumulated a lifetime of wealth, affording them higher degrees of purchasing power compared to other age demographics.

“As the world’s population ages, certain companies are well-positioned to serve the unique needs of seniors,” said Jay Jacobs, director of research of Global X. “These companies can include pharmaceuticals focused on age-related ailments, medical device manufacturers, senior care facilities, and senior-focused health care service providers.”

A major theme across all generations is the increased focus on health and wellness: the optimization of one’s holistic health to improve quality of life. As this trend continues, the shift in the global economy towards healthy alternatives presents investment opportunities.

KCG ETF News & Notes of the Day

The latest from the KCG ETF Team:

Everything looks green today – it must be from all the rain we have gotten. U.S. Futures are up, Europe is trading up nicely in midday, and in Asia the NIKKEI and the rest of Japan was up over 2%, China squeaked out again.

Oil is down just a bit, and Gold is flat after coming off a tough day Monday.

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Disney (DIS) reports after the bell, which will be interesting to see what they say; some of their comments could carry over to the cable companies, with the ESPN subscribers falling every quarter.

It was interesting that Year-To-Date, Brazil is the number one net bought foreign country +$1.3 billion followed by India +$0.5 billion