10 Best ETF Strategist Stories of the Week (May 9-13)

Vertigo is a condition that makes people feel like objects around them are spinning when they are not, and it generally leaves people feeling dizzy. Recently it hit me that trying to analyze U.S. economic data was giving me vertigo, since the only consistency in the data seems to be pure inconsistency. For instance, yesterday I was parsing a few data points that registered on the Bloomberg. Here’s a smattering of what gave me market indigestion. Read more >>

6) RMI Applications: Tail Risk Hedging

In our preceding article RMI Applications: Sector Rotation Using ETFs, we outlined one practical application of Risk-Managed Investing (RMI) — specifically, a momentum-based sector rotation strategy designed to mitigate the downside risk of protracted equity bear market declines. While this strategy may additionally provide some protection against sudden market crashes, it is not expressly designed to do so. For that element of protection, we believe a complementary RMI approach is prudent. Read more >>

7) Collaboration — the New Model for High-Net-Worth Investors?

If you’re seeking to grow your high-net-worth client base, I’d like to propose a new framework for the portfolio construction process: co-creation or collaborative portfolio construction. Read more >>

8) Market Head-Fake or Greenlight? Neither

After its March meeting, the Fed announced that it would slow the likely pace of short-term interest rate hikes considerably. This announcement eased our chief concern for the global economy. Read more >>

9) The Bayesian View to Multi-Factor ETF Investing

Multi-factor investing is an increasingly hot topic in the world of ETFs, and a number of ETF sponsors have launched multi-factor ETFs recently to expand on this trend. Read more>>

10) 3 High Octane Value Trades for a Bear Market

In investment markets, there are always opportunities. What constitutes a timely tactical opportunity is in the eye of the beholder and can vary widely depending on an investor’s view. Our eye continues to view conditions through the lens of a global cyclical bear market. Read more >>