Top 5 ETF Strategist Stories of the Week

Each week ETF Trends publishes news, commentary and strategist stories surrounding the world of ETFs.

Here’s a look at the Top 5 Strategist Stories of the Week for April 4-8:

1. ETF Strategies for an Earnings Recession

We have seen and heard a lot of discussion about the current “earnings recession” and it sounds like really bad news for the stock market.

Depending on which measurement of S&P 500 earnings per share (EPS) is utilized, comparisons have been negative for the past two to four quarters as Q4 2015 EPS will finish around -3.6% year over year. This meets the common “recession” definition of two or more quarters of negative growth. Read more >>

2. Can Beta be Smart?

Factors, multi-factors, smart beta, strategic beta, and whatever else you want to call non-market-cap-weighted investing is everywhere.

I don’t think it is plausible to go one week without hearing mention of smart beta if you work anywhere near ETFs. As the ETF industry (and even some mutual funds and stock pickers) expands the menu of smart beta options, some users of traditional market cap products may feel ostracized by the smart beta movement. Read more >>

3. The Tolerable Cost of Risk-Managed Investing