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Meteorologists have extended the El Niño weather pattern outlook, potentially signalling greater disruptions to global crops and further support for soft commodities-related exchange traded funds. Over the past month, the Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN) jumped 11.1%, Teucrium Soybean Fund (NYSEArca: SOYB) gained 4.6% and Teucrium Wheat Fund (NYSEArca: WEAT) rose 6.0%. Additionally, the diversified […]

Volatile weather conditions across the U.S.Midwest are disrupting the normal planting season and supporting a rebound in soft commodities related exchange traded funds. Grains have fallen off this year as ample supply has kept pressure on agricultural commodities. Year-to-date, Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN) fell 12.3%, Teucrium Soybean Fund (NYSEArca: SOYB) declined 6.5% and Teucrium […]

Commodities and related exchange traded funds have underperformed equities and fixed-income markets over the past few years, but investors should not ignore the benefits of including some exposure to diversify their portfolios. The broad commodities market has been falling behind. Year-to-date, the GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index Fund (NYSEArca: GCC) dipped 4.8%, PowerShares DB Commodity Index […]

The El Niño weather pattern is officially back, and commodity exchange traded funds, notably those that track agricultural products, could enjoy a nice boost as dry conditions weigh on the supply outlook. El Niño describes a period of warming sea-surface temperatures in the Pacific, which typically causes heavy rains and floods in South America and […]

Agribusiness exchange traded funds could experience stunted growth as depressed grain prices squeeze farmers’ profit margins. Over the past year, the Market Vectors Agribusiness (NYSEArca: MOO) rose 7.7% and PowerShares Global Agriculture Portfolio (NasdaqGM: PAGG) increased 7.6% higher. U.S. farmers are beginning to cut back on farming equipment as the low crop prices and rising […]

With the U.S. dollar strengthening and global growth concerns lingering, the commodities market have stumbled. Nevertheless, traders can still find some opportunities, but they will have to target single commodity-specific exchange traded funds. The PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund (NYSEArca: DBC), the largest commodity-related ETF and tracks a broad basket of the 14 most […]

In response to the bumper crop year, rising oil output and slowing global demand for raw materials, commodity exchange traded funds experienced their largest monthly outflows this year. In September, commodity ETFs experienced $1.05 billion in outflows, the largest monthly withdrawal since December, and saw more money redeemed for commodity-backed ETFs for the month than […]

Slowing global growth has stifled demand for raw materials, pushing down commodity-related exchange traded funds to multi-year lows, with one broad commodity index trading near a five-year low. The PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund (NYSEArca: DBC) has declined 7.5% over the past three-months and is hovering around its lowest since September 2010. Additionally, the […]

A bumper crop year across the U.S. agricultural belt will keep soft commodity exchange traded fund prices depressed. Year-to-date, the Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN) has declined 14.9% and Teucrium Soybean Fund (NYSEArca: SOYB) fell 4.7%. Meanwhile, the PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund (NYSEArca: DBA), which tracks a group of agricultural commodity futures, including corn 9.4% […]

Commodity exchange traded funds help diversify an investor’s portfolio, but traders can also dive into the market to pick and select potential opportunities while avoiding duds. According to the Goldman Sachs Group, nickel and palladium are set to outperform in an uneven global economy, reports Glenys Sim for Bloomberg. “While cyclical recovery tends to see […]

Broad commodity exchange traded funds have experienced a dismal year as slowing economic growth in emerging economies and supply glut in agricultural products pushed down prices, with hedge funds reducing bullish bets by the most in seven weeks. The PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund (NYSEArca: DBC) has declined 10.3% over the past year. [Commodity […]

The corn exchange traded fund saw a brief respite Friday from its bearish streak after the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated a slightly lower-than-expected crop yield. The Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN) was up 0.6% Friday while CBOT corn futures were up 0.4%. CORN has declined 28.6% year-to-date. The USDA projects U.S. farmers will produce […]

The soybean exchange traded fund is turning around and futures prices are rallying the most in five weeks as traders looked to Chinese import data with the government shutdown hindering new U.S. numbers. The Teucrium Soybean Fund (NYSEArca: SOYB) was up 0.8% Thursday. SOYB is still down 3.8% year-to-date. China purchased 20 cargoes of U.S. […]

Soft commodity exchange traded funds are rebounding with wheat prices touching a four-week high as China increases imports to restrain rising prices. The Teucrium Wheat Fund (NYSEArca: WEAT) was rising Thursday for the fourth straight session, while Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN) and Teucrium Soybean Fund (NYSEArca: SOYB) have also gotten a lift this week. […]

After the record drought decimated crops last year, U.S. farmers planted a record amount of corn. With mild temperatures forecasted across the Midwest, an expected record crop yield is weighing on grains exchange traded funds. The Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN) dropped 7.7% over the past week, Teucrium Soybean Fund (NYSEArca: SOYB) fell 2.% and […]

Excessive rainfall in the Great Plains and central Midwest region has helped lift grains related exchange traded funds as traders bet on damage to winter crops and disease-related yield losses. The Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN) increased 4.6% over the past week, Teucrium Soybean Fund (NYSEArca: SOYB) gained 3.5% and Teucrium Wheat Fund (NYSEArca: WEAT) […]

Grains have seen some signs of life this week with JJG (iPath DJ-UBS Grains Total Return ETN, Expense Ratio 0.75%) bumping right against its 50 day moving average this morning after trading with a $48 handle inside of the past two weeks. JJG reflects the returns from futures contracts in the following markets (Corn 42.97%, […]

The capricious weather has stifled the current planting season across the U.S., bolstering soft commodities related exchange traded funds. The Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN) surged 6.7% Monday, jumping over its 50-day simple moving average. CORN has declined 11.4% year-to-date. Corn futures increased 6.5%, the highest daily rise in 10 months, during afternoon trading Monday […]

Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN) plunged 6% on Thursday following a government report that U.S. farmers intend to plant the biggest crop since 1936. The corn ETF was selling off on heavy volume after the USDA estimated farmers will plant 97.3 million acres of corn this year. Corn was limit down in Chicago. “The biggest […]

Agriculture exchange traded funds have performed poorly in recent months but Teucrium Soybean Fund (NYSEArca: SOYB) has weathered the downturn better than most of the ETFs in the category. Soybean traders will be closely watching a patent lawsuit that has gone all the way to the Supreme Court. The court case poses the question whether […]

Soft commodities and related agriculture exchange traded funds continued their rally Monday on lower U.S. inventories, with corn supply at its lowest since 1995. U.S. corn supplies are diminishing at their fastest in 17 years and the lower prices have fueled demand from livestock producers beyond government projections, reports Jeff Wilson for Bloomberg. On the […]

Teucrium Soybean Fund ETF (NYSEArca: SOYB) is a relatively small ETF with less than $10 million in assets but the fund could get a boost amid reports of very low soybean stockpiles. According to Oil World, global soybean stocks are expected to drop to 49.3 million metric tons, a five year low, in the first […]

Soft commodities have surged on the worst drought in half a century, and now it is time for farmers and agribusiness exchange traded funds to capitalize on the higher prices. “Corn farmers are actually set to benefit from a 50% increase in the price of their crop,” Nikoleta Panteva writes in an IBISWorld study. “Corn […]

The most devastating drought in over 50 years has shriveled crops and lifted grain commodity exchange traded funds. However, some analysts argue that the worst is already priced in. “We’ve really gotten to the top end of the grain move,” Spencer Patton, Steel Vine Investments Founder and CEO, said in a Fox Business article. “If […]

Exchange traded funds that track the price of grains were bouncing back Wednesday from earlier losses this week with rain and more rain in the forecast. Nevertheless, the damage from the U.S. agriculture belt’s worst drought in 50 years has already been dealt. “Early losses have started to turn around as the grain markets are […]

Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN) has vaulted 35% the past four weeks as a heat wave and drought continue to punish crops in the Midwest. Corn futures hit another record on Thursday above $8 a bushel. The U.S. is suffering through its worst drought in over 50 years. [Agriculture ETFs May Rally More on Drought] […]

A heatwave and drought are gripping the Midwest and causing grains futures and the exchange traded funds that track them to go vertical. Still, agriculture ETFs pulled back Wednesday following bullish news when crop production forecasts were cut. Also, traders are extremely bullish on grains and the sector may need to work off overbought conditions. […]

Portfolio managers these days have more alternatives than ever to choose from in the ETF landscape, especially in the area of commodities. Today, we focus on a staple that is familiar to commodity traders but likely is not a household name among most others. Soybeans can now be accessed via an ETF, specifically via Teucrium […]

ETF spotlight on iPath Dow Jones-UBS Grains ETN (NYSEArca: JJG), part of an ongoing series. The exchange traded note vaulted about 6% on Tuesday ahead of a crop report. [Corn ETF Jumps Before USDA Report] Assets: $220.9 million. Objective: The iPath Dow Jones-UBS Grains fund tries to reflect the returns of futures contracts on physical […]

Teucrium Trading, the manager behind the corn exchange traded fund, has launched the first ETF to track the prices of soybeans. The firm has also listed ETFs for sugar and wheat in the face of a tough market for agriculture ETFs in recent weeks. PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund (NYSEArca: DBA) is down about 4% over […]