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The financial industry is coming to terms with the new Department of Labor fiduciary rules. With the markets adapting to the eventual changes to the way advisors handle client portfolios, exchange traded funds could ultimately end up reaping a huge windfall. In a new report, Accelerating Growth: The Department of Labor Conflict of Interest rules […]

The Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule backed by President Barack Obama’s administration in Congress could put an end to hidden fees and conflicts of interest in the investment market, potentially driving more assets out of actively managed investments and into low-cost, transparent exchange traded funds. A controversial new regulation for investment advisors is due to […]

Workers investing their hard-earned money in recent years have increasingly turned to target-date funds in 401(k) plans to prepare for future retirement. Some may also be able to consider exchange traded fund options, like quickly growing ETF managed portfolios in the separate accounts space. Target-date funds currently dominate 401(k) plans, where $700 billion in assets […]

Note: This article is courtesy of By Northwestern Mutual Insights & Ideas Team Financial planning involves a series of seemingly endless decisions. Should you participate in an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan? Where should you put money for the best investment return? Should you save less for your child’s education to save more for your retirement? […]

Note: This article is courtesy of By George Guerin For most people, the money saved in their 401(k) is their single largest retirement asset aside from the equity in their home. It’s no wonder the Department of Labor (DOL) recently made an important ruling regarding how these assets are handled by financial advisors. In […]

Note: This article is courtesy of By Rick Kahler The Department of Labor’s groundbreaking new Fiduciary Rule may change the legal responsibilities of advisors who sell financial products for consumers’ retirement accounts. Financial services industry pundits aren’t sure whether the new rule is a giant step in the right direction or a successful dodging […]

BY CHIP CASTILLE Retirement today bears little resemblance to what it was for prior generations. In the United States and many other parts of the world, the way people prepare for retirement has changed dramatically. Few people can look forward to the 20th Century ideal of living comfortably off a pension. Even those who have saved in […]

Consider the following choices: 1. You are offered a snack to eat now—would you prefer a chocolate bar or an orange? 2. You are offered a snack now to eat next week—would you prefer a chocolate bar or an orange? People predominantly choose the tasty but unhealthy snack for immediate consumption, but pick the healthy […]

For those of you who have ever considered an encore career, did you ever think your next job would be in retirement research? That’s what happened to Paul Irving. After thirty years as a corporate attorney and CEO of a large law firm with roots in the financial services industry, he says, “I fell into […]

If it seems that there is constant negative press about Generation Y and its ability to survive in today’s economy, you’re right. It’s a lot tougher out today for young people to make it financially. Tuition fees are extraordinarily high and continue to climb. Home prices in the Lower Mainland are pretty much unaffordable for […]

Social security is arguably among the richest and robust pension programs ever created. In it’s current structure, social security provides federally guaranteed lifetime benefits for individuals, spouses, divorced spouses, widows/widowers, disabled individuals, minor children as well as child-in-care benefits.  Furthermore, since social security also provides cost of living adjustments, all these benefits are also protected […]

While some robo-advisor firms are making news by being acquired or spending their VC dollars on flashy marketing campaigns, some companies prefer to stay low-key and build their businesses the old fashioned way; by providing innovative solutions that add value for clients. Jemstep falls squarely into the latter category.  While they began as a direct […]

It’s your second marriage or you married late in life. Keeping your finances separate seemed the sensible thing to do. The basic costs such as the mortgage, utilities, taxes and insurances were split 50/50. You took care of your own personal needs and lifestyle costs. You have your own savings and retirement accounts. This seems […]

If you can learn how to drive a car, you can learn to manage your own money. That claim was recently made by the chief executive of a new fintech startup – BigFuture Pty Limited. The cloud-based wealth management service is on a mission to “democratise wealth management” by providing ordinary everyday Australians with sophisticated financial […]

By now, even the most remote tribes of the Amazon must be aware that interest rates in the U.S. may rise as a result of Federal Reserve activity. They’re lucky, because Fed activity shouldn’t have much of an impact on their lives. But for you and me, the people saving mainly through our 401(k) accounts? Reading the press […]

Betterment, the robo-advisor with over 100,000 customers and $2.5 billion in assets under management, is bringing automated investing and exchange traded funds to the world of 401(k) plans. “Betterment LLC on Friday said that starting early next year, it will offer companies an online-only 401(k) plan featuring a menu of 13 low-cost stock and bond […]

Today’s investor has an average of 3.6 relationships with financial services providers.1 While diversifying among asset classes is one of the best decisions investors can make, many clients mistakenly think that diversifying across financial advisors is also a good strategy. Unfortunately, this tactic can prevent clients from understanding their full financial picture. Giving clients a clear and […]

As the federal election rhetoric heats up, changes to social security benefits will most certainly be a part of the dialogue. It is likely not a matter of “will changes to social security happen” but rather “what will the changes be and when”. To be clear, most all of the potential changes to social security […]

Even though we have become more open about many subjects, the topic of money is one that many of us find difficult to discuss, even when our children have grown up. You should introduce your adult children to your financial advisor once you have established a good working relationship. It will benefit all of you. […]

I am a big fan of automation. Maybe I watched the Jetsons too much when I was young? It’s not because I’m lazy, honest. But I love having freshly brewed coffee ready in the morning and how the Golden Gate Bridge automatically subtracts money from my account when I drive through (I love the ease […]

When market swings dominate the news, it’s easy to get anxious. A sure way to heighten your concern is to check your 401(k) balance. Current market conditions can be sobering—but for most of us, this should just be one stop on a long journey. If you can’t stand to sit tight, focus on these five […]

If you only had a quarter for all the times you’ve wondered if you could retire early. Wait, in that case there would be no need to worry. For the rest of us, it requires analyzing. Not only the numbers but also the reason. Most of us have daydreamed of the moment when our days will […]

What’s the biggest risk to your retirement security? I’ll give you a hint: It’s something you may take for granted when it’s good and that can be life-changing when it’s less than good. It’s your health, and more specifically, health-care costs. In fact, health care in retirement could cost you and your spouse more than […]

I recently shared an interesting conversation with Laura Carstensen, who has a unique take on living longer. As the director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, Laura believes that the longevity phenomenon can be felt at every stage of life with a profound effect on work, education and retirement. The highlights of our conversation follows: […]

Saving for retirement is more crucial for Millennials than for any prior generation. Data are emerging that reveal how they’re doing. Vanguard’s 2014 data from its large 401(k) client base shows that 67 percent of young adults between 25 and 34 who are covered by an employer plan are saving – this is well above […]

After a multi-year bull run in the U.S. equities market, many investors have tilted their retirement portfolios toward stocks to chase the returns. However, investors should still rebalance their stock, bonds and exchange traded fund allocations to manage risks. According to Fidelity Investments, the ix year bull market in U.S. stocks have exposed many older […]

Marie Dzanis, senior vice president and head of funds and intermediary sales and services at Northern Trust’s (NasdaqGS: NTRS) FlexShares unit joined ETF Trends Publisher Tom Lydon at the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago on how financial advisors can work with varying age groups. “Many advisors achieve success with great focus,” said Dzanis. “They’re very […]

Majority Want Alternative Retirement Savings Options Maybe it is this generation’s record-breaking student debt, or maybe it’s the trend of getting married much later in life, but millennials are known for putting off adult responsibilities. The generation is pushing back the big financial decisions in life like buying a home and establishing a viable retirement […]