Welcome to the Thunderdome! Reddit, Discord, TikTok & Twitch: An Advisors Guide to Social Media Swarming

The venn diagram of social media, e-sports and finance is rapidly becoming a single circle. In this flash-webinar, ETF Trends CIO & Director of Research will take a screenshare tour of the open on Monday February 1st at 9AM. Bring all the questions you're afraid to ask, whether it's how Gamma squeezes work, why Call of Duty streamers are driving forgotten cryptocurrencies, or how this will impact the markets writ large.

February 1, 2021
6am PT | 9am ET
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Tune in and get ready to:

  • Examine how options trading impacts stocks
  • Learn why TikTok is more important than the Wall Street Journal
  • Find out how to answer the hard questions from your clients


Dave Nadig

CIO, Director of Research
ETF Trends and ETF Database

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