A Modern Fixed Income Approach For an Unusual Era

Fixed Income is no longer “set it and forget it.” Investors need to pay attention to which sectors are primed for success and which ones come with added risk and adjust their fixed income strategy on the fly to take advantage of opportunities in real time.

Join the experts at Riverfront Investment Group and VettaFi to learn more about how an active approach to fixed income could help boost a portfolio.

September 6, 2023
12pm PT | 3pm ET
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Topics will include:

  • Why Active Management matters in the fixed income space.
  • A fixed income strategy that seeks total return
  • How fixed income fund managers approach making strategic decisions in today’s market environment.


Bobby Brooks

President of RiverShares
RiverFront Investment Group

Tim Anderson, CFA

Lead Multi Asset Portfolio Manager
RiverFront Investment Group

Kevin Nicholson, CFA

Global Fixed Income CIO
RiverFront Investment Group

Tom Lydon

Vice Chairman

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RiverFront does not earn an account-level fee, including from a Sponsor Firm, with respect to accounts that employ a RiverShares model portfolio, in an effort to prevent a client from paying more than once for the investment advice provided by RiverFront. Clients who access RiverShares portfolios through a Sponsor Firm, however, will typically pay fees to the Sponsor Firm. Clients should speak to their Financial Advisor for more information on such fees, as they may vary among Sponsor Firms.

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