A Virtual Precious Metals & Mining Expo Experience for Those at Home

Financial experts have adapted their investing and trading strategies to current market conditions, fine-tuning their recommendations on everything from gold and silver bullion, mining stocks, precious metal exchange traded funds, and the broader commodities class.

In the upcoming premier event for precious metals, Money, Metals, & Mining Virtual Expo from September 1-3, 2020, financial advisors can attend the virtual event for free at the comfort of their own homes and hear from over 30 leading experts in the field through any streaming device.

Gold prices have surged to an all-time high of $2,044 an ounce on August 5, or up almost 32% year-to-date, and this may be only the beginning. Now that gold has breached this psychologically important $2,000 level, analysts anticipate that the next $2,500 hurdle can’t be that far behind. Many believe a new gold rush is on, and investors now have a number of investment options to access this ongoing story.

In the Money, Metals, & Mining Virtual Expo, attendees will participate in live presentations where they can chat directly with the experts and fellow investors and traders from around the world. Additionally, can visit interactive virtual booths featuring message boards, timely research, educational videos, exclusive discounts, prize drawings, and more.

The country’s top money experts who will also share their knowledge and expertise with attendees, covering topics like:

  • The New Gold Market and How to Play It
  • How to Invest During the Pandemic and New Cold War
  • What Follows Gold’s New All-Time High
  • Why Resources Are Critical for Running an Economy
  • Alternative Asset Classes to Diversify Your Portfolio
  • How to Pick Your Way Through the Gold ETF Maze
  • What’s Next for Metals and Miners
  • The Companies Best-Positioned to Capitalize on Gold’s Bullish Momentum
  • How to Protect Your Portfolio and Profit from Special Situations

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about this upcoming event can register for the September 1-3 webcast here.