Vanguard ETF 'VTI' Hits $100 Billion in Assets

The Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (NYSEArca: VTI) continues cementing its status as one of the largest US-listed exchange traded funds. Recently, the venerable VTI topped $100 billion in assets under management, becoming just third ETF to do so.

The other ETFs to accomplish that feat are the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEArca: SPY) and the  iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (NYSEArca: IVV). As of July 31, VTI had $101.8 billion in assets under management, according to issuer data. That total has since increased thanks to inflows into the fund since the start of August.

“Year to date, investors have added $4.56 billion in new assets to VTI, a total surpassed by just nine other U.S.-listed ETFs. With month-to-date inflows of almost $167 million, VTI’s assets under management tally is fast approaching $102 billion,” reports Investopedia.

A year ago, VTI had about $82 billion in assets under management. VTI tracks the CRSP U.S. Total Market Index, which includes almost every liquid U.S. stock on the market. VTI offers a notable alternative to standard S&P 500 index funds at a time when equities are perking up.

More VTI Perks

“Investors’ affinity for VTI is easy to understand. The ETF provides broad exposure to the U.S. equity market by holding more than 3,600 stocks and does so with a nominal fee. Just a handful of ETFs have lower expense ratios than the 0.04% per year, or $4 on a $10,000 investment, charged by VTI,” according to Investopedia.

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