A Road Map to Investing in Smart Transportation | ETF Trends

With the rise of next-generation, smart transportation in the works, innovations like electric vehicles and autonomous cars are being integrated into the automobile industry.

In the upcoming webcast, A Road Map to Investing in Smart Transportation, Jim Atkinson, CEO, SmartETFs; Will Riley, Fund Co-Manager, SmartETFs; and Jonathan Waghorn, Fund Co-Manager, SmartETFs, will look at the developing smart transportation industry and a way for financial advisors to tap into this quickly evolving industry.

“We live in an era of rapid and profound change. The smart transportation revolution represents change that has the potential to affect everyone. We know that massive changes can occur in a very short period of time. We know that some changes can disrupt entire industries and touch the lives of virtually every human. Change can be both exciting and difficult. It can also represent opportunity to those that are able to understand the implementation and effects of change,” according to SmartETFs.

Specifically, the recently launched SmartETFs Smart Transportation & Technology ETF (MOTO) can help investors gain exposure to companies believed to benefit from the current revolution in transportation. MOTO is an actively managed ETF that seeks long term capital appreciation from investments involved in the manufacture, development, distribution, and servicing of autonomous or electric vehicles and companies involved in related developments or technologies to support autonomous or electric vehicles including infrastructure, roadways, or other pathways.

The portfolio include companies that manufacture, distribute, service, offer, support, or enable the following: electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, transportation as a service, flying autonomous vehicles, autonomous or electric public transportation, and hyperloop-based transportation, for passengers or goods.

“These technologies could change your life and reshape cities around the world,” according to SmartETFs.

MOTO was created for investors whom recognize the changes coming in transportation. That said, this is not a core holding and most investors that want to invest in the smart transportation revolution will likely want this as a small portion of their overall portfolio.

Top holdings include Ansys 3.1%, Hexagon AB-B 3.1%, Skyworks Solutions 3.1%, Taiwan Semiconductor 3.1% and Infineon Technologies 3.0%.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about transportation investing can register for the Tuesday, December 17 webcast here.