Capitalize on the Impact of Blockchain With These 2 ETFs | ETF Trends

Businesses shouldn’t fear the blockchain. The underlying technology of digital assets like cryptocurrency is set to transform businesses, but in a positive way.

It’s easy to dismiss it as some newfangled approach to business, but that’s what many thought when the internet first arrived. The blockchain could have that same impactful result that spans across all business sectors.

“If you think Blockchain technology won’t impact your business, think again,” a Forbes article succinctly explains.

“From accounting to business processes, the growing unanimity among industry executives is that blockchain is likely to influence every significant area of work – and the change is already starting,” the article adds further. “In fact, some estimates found that blockchain could add $1.77 trillion to the international economy by 2030.”

2 Ways to Take Advantage

ETF provider Global X has what investors need when looking to capitalize on opportunities in blockchain technology. To start, there’s the Global X Blockchain ETF (BKCH).

BKCH seeks to provide investment results that generally correspond to the price and yield performance of the Solactive Blockchain Index. The index that is designed to provide exposure to companies that are positioned to benefit from further advances in the field of blockchain technology.

Overall, BKCH gives investors access to:

High Growth Potential

  • High growth potential: The global blockchain market was valued at nearly $5bn in 2021, with forecasts suggesting it could grow over 10x to more than $67bn by 2026.
  • Global tailwinds: Blockchain technology is a global theme, poised to benefit as governments and industries seek to improve the accuracy, transparency, and security of financial transactions.
  • An unconstrained approach: This theme is bigger than just cryptocurrency. BKCH invests accordingly, with global exposure across multiple sectors and industries.

Another option to consider is the actively managed Blockchain & Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITS), which seeks to capture the long-term growth potential of the blockchain and digital assets theme. The fund takes long positions in U.S.-listed bitcoin futures contracts and invests, directly and/or indirectly, in companies positioned to benefit from the increased adoption of blockchain technology.

Overall, BITS gives investors:

  • Bitcoin futures exposure: By investing in the regulated bitcoin futures market, BITS offers a secure and transparent way of gaining exposure to the world’s largest cryptocurrency.
  • Long-term growth potential: BITS seeks long-term growth potential by combining prudent management of bitcoin futures positions with exposure to disruptive companies on the cutting edge of the emerging blockchain technology and digital assets theme.
  • ETF efficiency: BITS delivers efficient access to bitcoin futures and blockchain technology stocks in a single trade.

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