TD Ameritrade Reveals ETF Investment Demand Among Millennials, Gen Xers

For example, net flows among millennials remained positive, led by a strong increase of net flows as a percent of assets under management in U.S. stock ETFs from the month of May, suggesting that millennials continue to believe in the U.S. equity rally despite growing concerns of lofty valuations in an extended bull market.

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However, telecommunications ETFs experienced their fourth straight month of negative net flows as a percentage of AUM in June among millennials and consumer cyclicals ETFs also saw out flows, which may indicate that younger investors don’t view defensive sectors that favorably in the market ahead or they are less worried about a potential pullback that would warrant defensive positioning.

On the other hand, generation Xers turned more receptive toward agriculture ETFs, which saw strong inflows among this group in June, after negative net flows in May. Furthermore, industrial metal ETFs experienced their largest decline of net flow among Boomers.

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